To provide stable functioning for the system of cryptocurrency, it is important to think about the safety of the connection. The bitcoin system itself is safe enough because it provides transparency and anonymity. However, it is possible to increase the anonymity by mixing with


Mining in the cryptocurrency

Mining is the process of using computing power to serve the needs of the cryptosystem. Here are such processes that it takes:

  • The confirmation of transactions
  • The provision of uninterrupted and stable operation
  • Protection from attacks
  • Algorithms that cannot function “in the air” without hardware resources operate.

As this work is completed, new coins are generated, which are paid to the owners of digital equipment for the use of their capacities. To increase the anonymity during operations, it is important to mix the coins with

Trust management in the funds

The topic of mutual funds is very popular in America. It is not so widespread in some other countries, mainly because of the low financial level. In the cryptocurrency market, there are also mutual funds, for example, RubusFund. Such funds save from mistakes and give people the opportunity to significantly increase their capital without spending time and money on independent work with the exchange.

Accumulation of funds with the help of reliable large holdings is well shown by the ICN Holding. This is a group of companies registered in the US and have all necessary permits and licenses for brokerage activities and trust management of clients’ money in the stock market. ICN Holding brings its customers a stable annual income of up to 20%.