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Backgammon is a combination of games; it is a race game as the first player to get all his men around the board and off is the winner and it is also a strategy game because it isn't just a simple race around the board but an absorbing tactical maneuver around the board, during which you have to have alternative plans as present ones fall apart on the roll of a dice.

Backgammon was launched in the 1920’s when the cube made its first appearance. In the late 60’s, the World Championship was held in Monte Carlo and it was now an international game. The 70’s were populated with books on the subject.

Today, backgammon is still in full swing and available on computers, the internet, casinos and of course the board.


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5  Party Backgammon YesDownload$150 (30%)Read more

Backgammon is a board game similar to droughts in as much as the checkers are the same shape and move in opposing directions.Summed up, backgammon is an exciting game of tactics and probabilities. A game where, despite the vagaries of the dice, the more experienced and knowledgeable player will prevail in the long run. However, due to the chance or luck element, absolute beginners can on occasions triumph over a champion - this is the appeal of backgammon.

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